Armina Mussa . NYC . 2013

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I’m really okay with all these selfie shots since I never take them… But a girl got an iPad and was feeling special - Yagazie

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SeeSantana is originally from a small town in New Jersey now residing in New York City. Santana carries a rich, mixed heritage of Latino/Hispanic descent which she claims has “heavily influenced her tastes” and outlook on life. Santana has produced, filmed and edited commercial videos for top names in the fashion industry and continues to pursue her passions in photography and video, specializing in advertisement and editorial. In 2012, she had built her own website,, as a platform for event coverages, celebrity portraiture, red carpet events and offers inclusive media services. An all-around creative, Santana also writes as a guest blogger, a fashion commentator and alternative lifestyle writer for various sites in the media; her saucy character and outrageous rawness is well-recognized in the field. Fascinated by the art world, she uses mixed media to create eccentric and vivacious pieces. Exhaustingly cool and unconventional, Santana personifies herself through her artwork.

Twitter: @SeeSantana

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 Hey I’m Nyamekye a.k.a. Nemy a.k.a. Nemythecoolest! I want to share my Natural Hair Journey video with the natural hair community! My main goal is to get women to face the fear of the big chop! If I can do it, anyone can! I just need some of my natural hair fellows to watch my video and help me get my channel started up! Comment, like, and subscribe! Let me know what you think so that I can make more videos to help out those in fear! :)

Thank you!

Stay cool.



Instagram: @nemythecoolest


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Elizabeth 18, MN

Instagram: MaccCity

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Frankie James, 23

Hampton, VA 


Personal IG: @Gzus_Myuzik

Photography IG: @FrankieJamesPhotography


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Hi everyone, i’m Mary from Colombia. 

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